SCC - Medical Assistant, Phys Svcs - Float Sandwich/Orleans - PT 24 Hours

Provide both clinical and administrative duties to support the care and safety of the outpatient physician practice. Assist physicians with patient care activities and maintains cleanliness and inventory of clinical treatment areas. Assist with coordinating administrative aspects of outpatient center including scheduling and pre-registering patients, ordering and maintaining charts and interacting with patients, families, physicians and colleagues in a courteous, friendly and efficient manner.
Key Responsibilities
Patients are checked in, use computer systems ensuring that medical staffs are notified and ensure accuracy of patient information is communicated according to center guidelines.
Transfer of patients from reception to the clinical treatment area is facilitated according to center guidelines including vital signs and medication reconciliation.
Exam room is prepared and physicians are assisted with special procedures per center standards
Processing of the physician charges is completed per center guidelines; ensuring diagnostic coding is completed to meet established timeframe
Physician orders are transcribed for lab, radiological studies, and outside tests; patient instructions are provided and the ordering physician is notified of the results.
Accurate communication is provided to patients as directed by physicians
Patient appointments are scheduled, canceled and rescheduled as requested by patients and/or physicians.
Physician clinical treatment areas are prepared and kept clean and safe per center guidelines.
Administrative duties such as answering the phone, supporting insurance requirements processes, photocopying, typing, faxing, inventory of supplies, sorting mail and handling other administrative duties are completed per center guidelines.
Interviews with prospective patients, families and referral sources are completed per established guidelines.
Additional department, organization, or network activities are completed per established objectives.
PCC Organizational Values of Innovation, Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence are upheld.
Qualifications and Experience
Certification as Medical Assistant preferred. Associate's Degree or Bachelor's Degree in a related discipline preferred.
One year experience in a medical/physicians office setting preferred.
Skills (Specific learned activity gained through training (e.g. computer skills, keyboarding, presentation, CPR, ACLS, etc.)
Effective verbal, electronic and written communications skills using the English language.
Computer proficiency required. Microsoft office applications preferred with ability to learn new software.
Phlebotomy skill preferred.
Highly developed communications and interpersonal skills, working with diverse population.
Work independently, be self-directed and contribute as a member of a team.
Anticipates challenges and develops and implements strategies for addressing them.
High level of service delivery. Demonstrate initiative with ability to prioritize work, meet deadlines and adapt to changing situations.
Attention to detail.

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